Potential Problem Indicator File

The CARFAX Potential Problem Indicator File delivers insight into specific vehicle history events that can impact a vehicle's value or operational integrity. Plus, it integrates directly into your system to eliminate manual processes like VIN submission and report retrieval.

This file delivers critical information including:

Increase the likelihood of repossession and can decrease remarketing value up to 40%.

Affects 1 out of 20 used vehicles; the average rollback is 22,500 miles1.

Get the last odometer reading reported to CARFAX plus an estimate of current mileage.

Identify vehicles potentially flooded by hurricane Katrina with no flood title brand.

Significantly decrease remarketing value.

Severe Accidents. Previous structural damage, airbag deployment of major repairs can diminish remarketing value.

Pricing for the Potential Problem Indicator File scales based upon monthly volume. The more vehicles you check, the more you save!

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1. CNW Marketing Research, Inc-2003 Study. 2. Not all events are reported to CARFAX.